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The DAK Financial Podcast, Episode 8 - Common Terms & Situations in Financial Planning

There are so many terms and situations that arise when discussing your retirement. Sometimes, it's helpful to sit down and take a moment to define them all with your financial advisor.

Today, Dave is walking us through some major terms and situations you could find yourself in while planning your retirement.

Digital work man with computer - outlining common terms for financial planning

Questions & Notes

1. What are popular places to hold retirement monies in today’s volatile market?

- An IRA

2. What are the parameters of a Bull Market and how can it be helpful or hurtful during retirement?

- Bull Market - when the market is really strong

- However, it can be misleading because of the population’s expectation of it continuing to be strong

- Talk to your financial advisor

3. What is a Black Swan event?

- An unprecedented event that occurs that affects the market

4. Why do rising interest rates hurt my 401k and IRA values?

- Interest rates are increasing and companies have to ensure their debt at a higher rate

- Stock values go down

- Individual bond values may shrink as well

5. What do I do if this happens to me?

- Fixed index annuities and corporate investment grade bonds, mitigating investment risk and generating sustainable income

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