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The DAK Financial Podcast, Episode 4 - How to be Successful During the Distribution Phase

Retirement planning is multi-faceted. There are so many moving parts when it comes to retiring, and we want to be sure you're succeeding in each stage.

Today, we're talking about how to be successful during the distribution phase of your retirement.

DAK Financial Group - Fox News - How to be successful during the distribution phase of retirement
Did you know David was featured on Fox News?

Other things we talk about in this episode

Distribution phase of retirement - The time in your life when you start collecting on the investments and retirement savings accounts you've set up throughout your life. 

  • Accumulation vs distribution phase

  • Being "successful" during this phase of your life can not only provide an income for you but can help you with long-term health costs as well

  • Avoiding unpleasantness of retirement costs with planning

  • Common sense planning

Questions to ask yourself

1. Which phase are you in - accumulating or distribution? 

2. Where are you currently distributing your money? 

3. Does your advisor know what you want to get out of your money?

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