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The DAK Financial Podcast, Episode 9 - Balancing Investments & Long-Term Care

When it comes to your retirement, balancing investments when you have multiple streams of income is vital to getting the most out of your money.

Today on the show, Dave talks about a few best practices for balancing your monies and setting aside monies for long-term care.

Questions & Notes

1. Why is it important to balance your investments with Long-Term care?

- At some point, you won’t be able to provide a living benefit for the family you leave behind.

2. More importantly how much Long-Term Care monies will I need?

- Depends – talk to your financial advisor to be sure it’s worth it to you financially.

3. I hear people lose their life’s savings by not having insurance means to pay for Long-Term care; is that true?

- YES.

4. In other words, is buying a policy through DAK Financial really going to make a difference?

- It could make all the difference. If you don’t get with us at DAK, find someone like us. Be sure your definition of help is addressed.

5. In a previous episode you talked about using Life Insurance or an annuity to pay for Long-Term Care, why is it important to separate monies that will be earmarked for income and monies that need to be set aside for Long-Term care?

- You will not have access to some monies in the future. Be sure you have enough monies to use that are not tied up.

- Money in your policy generates interest, so the more you take out the less that money grows.


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