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Why Quality Customer Service is Critical in Business

I have previously discussed how DAK Financial Group delivers our quality customer service platform. I elaborated on over managing our processes so that we get consistent, predictable results for our clients and we deliver the service they have come to expect.

Additionally, we believe that the “client defines help,” and if that is so, we validate that in our unique DAK processes.

Lastly, core values and relationship building are central to our philosophy. We create an emotional bond with our clients; the bottom line is that we have strong relationships with them and this means they think and feel better about working with Dave Kutcher and DAK Financial Group, than with a corporate giant where they are just another number.

Compass - DAK Financial Group - Why Service is Critical in Business

Our Compass

Many of you know that I’m not only a former Marine Corps Captain (Infantry), I am also a Registered Maine Guide. So I guess it’s safe to say that I know how to use a compass.

At DAK Financial, we try to set the compass in a straight line so our client stays on track. It’s important for the prospective client to understand that we are selling them safety, growth, and control of their hard earned monies and we do this with quality customer service.

We try to understand our customer’s definition of help by asking key questions and being attentive, courteous listeners. Clients know and understand firsthand what we can and cannot do for them, and as an organization, specifically, we are primarily income planners, not stock brokers. The client is informed of this right from the git go! We subscribe to the motto, “under promise and over deliver,” in both service and quality of product. Isn’t that important if you are the client? Do you see much of that in this culture today? Exactly my point! Yet, no matter how technologically advanced we become, we still like good old fashioned customer service, and as people, we really appreciate it when the companies we do business with understand this.

Negative Events

Obviously, the main emphasis of quality customer service is how DAK Financial Group maintains its smooth running service machine, as it is the cumulative result of things going right at every possible customer touchpoint, but what happens when there is a hitch in our giddy up?

Contrary to popular belief, we are not perfect at DAK, but because we create an exceptional customer service platform, we are inoculated against a single service failure. So if we are doing the right things, and over time we are consistently taking care of our clients’ affairs, if we have a service failure, it’s the exception, not the rule. What I am saying is that over a period of time, there needs to be an accumulation of uniformly positive customer experiences, and this will enable us to get beyond a single service glitch. (It’s not rocket science, it’s treating our clients with respect and attention when things happen).

There are a lot of events that take place in the lives of our clients like illness, death, births, accidents, etc.; it’s vital that we address these changes that impact their lives. No, we are not perfect, but as an owner and as a company, we strive to do everything we can to get over the bumps and over deliver on our promises.


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