Frequently Asked Questions

These FAQs apply only to DAK Financial and their products, not to Client One services and their products.


Q: What kind of rating do the companies you work with have?
A: DAK Financial works with A+ rated companies.


Q: Will my principle be protected?
A: Your principle is always guaranteed with DAK Financial.


Q: Can I transfer my pension into an annuity?
A: Yes, you may transfer money from a qualified plan to an annuity.


Q: Does your indexed universal life program offer living benefits i.e., long-term and critical care at no extra cost?
A: Yes. You can access cash in your policy to cover these expenses.


Q: Can I take my required minimum distribution (RMD) from a qualified fixed index annuity and start receiving payments right away?
A: Yes. We have products that can be set up to pay you your RMD immediately, with guaranteed principle and increasing income payments.

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