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Wit and Wisdom from the Brains Behind DAK Financial Group
DAK Financial Group Book - Kutcherisms

Financial expert and author, David Kutcher is pleased to announce the release of his new book, Kutcherisms. The self-titled compilation of short stories and articles is an easy and informative read, taking people through several life journeys while offering insight and advice on retirement in today's economy.

Kutcher, who has worked in the retirement planning industry for almost three decades has seen the ebb and flow of the markets, the changing needs of pre-retirees and the evolution of the current economy. He is a well-known speaker and is always able to deliver information in a concise and interesting manner. Not originating in the corporate world, David Kutcher is certainly not your mother's financial advisor! He's a "tell it like it is" United States Marine Corps veteran and his book is indicative of his personality and style.

Kutcher has taken his stints as a Fox Business News Contributor and a local columnist to the next level with the release of his book. We're confident that this book gives the public some insights into the workings of this thriving small business as well as some excellent life lessons and planning tools.

Kutcherisms can be purchased at several local retailers or by contacting DAK here.

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