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Programs & Services

We offer the following services, including but not limited to:

-Comprehensive Retirement Planning

-Financial reviews

- 401k/403b rollovers

- IRA transfers
- Maximization of estate to heirs
- IRA and 401k account analysis
- Long-term care options
- Life insurance review
And more...


DAK has been a lifesaver for my wife Linda and I. We were invited to one of DAK dinner workshops. After I heard Dave talk about how fast your money can disappear if invested wrong, we decided to meet with Dave. . 

DAK Financial has answered all my questions in many ways and always ready to help as things may arise. Nice people to work with - kind and courteous.

DAK has not only been generous with his time and wonderful at handling my insurance and planning needs, but he really gives back and is vested in the community. It's great to work with someone who makes you feel welcome, is professional and yet accessible. David is the go to guy in Meredith for sure.

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